Ultraflash USB Front Light (50 Lumen)

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The UltraFlash USB lights from BikeSmart are designed to make you be seen! Feel safer riding at night knowing that you stand out and are visible to others. These lights incorporate side windows which allows for the light to be visible in a 270° arc around you. Available as a 50 Lumen front or a 25 Lumen rear, these lights can run for up to 6 hours in Low-Beam mode, or over 24 hours in the slow flashing mode. Includes a handlebar/seatpost mount and a micro USB cable for recharging. Front Light Specs 50 Lumens High Beam/Low Beam/2 Flashing modes/Pulsating Side Visibilty Fits Round and Aero style handlebars and forks Water Resistant USB Rechargeable Lifetime Warranty Run Times (approximately): High-Beam: 1.5 Hours Low-Beam: 6 Hours Flash 1: 24 Hours Flash 2: 27 Hours Pulsating: 4 Hours